[Cz-editcouncil] Reminder for comments for Resolution 0007

Larry Sanger sanger at citizendium.org
Tue Dec 4 08:47:37 CST 2007

I would like to call for an extension--I've planned to edit the
resolution and resubmit it in light of various comments made.  I won't
have time to do this until later today at the earliest.


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> Dear All,
> This is to kindly remind all that the Resolution 0007 is open 
> for public discussion in the forum 
> [http://forum.citizendium.org/index.php/topic,> 1390.0.html ] 
> for another 17
> hrs.- i.e., up to Wednesday 
> December 5, 2007, 04:30 hrs UTC. Members may record their 
> formal positions at 
> [http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/CZ:Editorial_Council_Resolutio
Supten Sarbadhikari
Secretary, Editorial Council

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